Wednesday, 4 April 2012

CyanogenMod is nearly out guy and will be released...!!

we finally reached the end to release the cyanogenmod for young and will be out soon just testing on several y phones and then will start the beta versions.

cheers all......!!!!!!!!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y Firmwares.

Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y Firmwares.

Please remember that flashing your mobile phone is fully on your own risk. 
If the process is interupted (power failure, disconnected cable, software failure (e.g. with KIES) ) your phone might be very dificult to revive.

- How to check my firmware version? ( *#1234# )
- How do i know how young my firmware version is? ( Check LetterCodePage )
- Make always sure your phone is simlock free. ( Try a other simcard from a other brand )
- If your phone isn't simlock free please use only your provider firmwares.
- For more questions please read our FAQ page. 

- Remove Simcard and SD card when you gonna flash. 
- Make always a hard reset after flashing by code: *2767*3855# ( For more codes check MobileCodePage )

We have firmware files from 5 different regions.
- Europe. (Blue)
- Asia. (Green)
- Turkish. (Light Brown)
- Arabic. (Dark Brown)
- America / Australia. (Gray)
- Provider. (Black)


Service Manual.

Europe Firmware.pitAndroidDateDownload
S5360XXKI6 ##totoro_0623.pit2.3.52011 SeptemberOXXKI6[ Login above or register to see download links. ]
S5360XXKI9 ##totoro_0623.pit2.3.52011 SeptemberXENKI3[ Login above or register to see download links. ]
S5360XXKJ3 ##totoro_0623.pit2.3.62011 OctoberKPPKJ1[ Login above or register to see download links. ]
S5360BOKJ1 ##totoro_0623.pit2.3.62011 OctoberTNLKJ1[ Login above or register to see download links. ]
S5360XXKJ2 ##totoro_0623.pit2.3.62011 OctoberVDPKJ1[ Login above or register to see download links. ]
S5360DXKJ3 ##totoro_0623.pit2.3.62011 OctoberOLBKJ2[ Login above or register to see download links. ]

ZTE BLADE - Cyanogen PORTED [ indian DELL xcd35 ] - Gaurav sehgal

We have successfully now ported the cyanogen 7.1 on Dell xcd35 ( ZTE BLADE) and it working fine on the phone will all the administrative rights and new widgets.

People we are still working on the Cyanogen beta on Galaxy Y but i am very sorry for the reason its taking time.

we want some tester to test the beta one on there handsets and  share these post as many as can

plz send there names to email -

we will send you the first copy of the beta cyanogen. please do mention your name and country and city to make the records.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

ChainFire 3D working Fine on [ ROOTED GALAXY Y ]

hi people our developer have test it and some hd game are working if you nstall chain fire 3D on your galaxy y 3D , but still not able to port cyanogen - wtill working on beta.

download chainfire 3d from market and it will only work on rooted devices.

here are the screen shoots...

do share and comments......

Install BUSY BOX [ Rooted GALAXY Y ]

Hi guy i am still working on the cyanogen rom to be updated and ported and releasing the beta one out but before that let me make the young device more fast.

How you can do that.....

Go to Market and search Busy Box and install on Rooted Galaxy Y.

Done the open Busy Box click on Install.....Kudoos your device is fast processor.

Comment and share needes....!!!!!

Friday, 23 December 2011

How to move Your Apps to sd.IN [ ROOTED GALAXY Y]

Hi every body today i will show you that how to move your App and save you phone internal Memory size in Galaxy y.

First you should have a ROOTED GALAXY Y.

I am having a CUSTOM ROM INSTALLED AND WORK FINE WITH ME [ i have told earlier told this in post updated and how to install ROM ]

Go to market and download ROM TOOLBOX.

Now click on app manager and click on the apps that you want to move on your sd ( note :- superuser will grant the administrative right and it will be moved to you sd )

Kudoooosss......!!!! DONE

DO comment and share........!!