Friday, 23 December 2011

[Samsung Galaxy Y S5360] The Upgrade, Rooting and Common Fixes Thread

There are currently 2 major problems that the users are facing with Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.
1) Firmware Upgrade with KIES
2) SD Removed Unexpectedly

1)To Upgrade your Firmware with KIES successfully in One-Go:

Backup your phone, Remove your SD-Card and then start the upgrade process. SD card is not necessary to upgrade the phone and hence, it will not interfere with the KIES upgrade process since, i've experienced many times that when your Phone is in "MAss storage mode" when connected to KIES, the upgrade fails for unknown reasons. 
I've tried this and it worked like a charm. Though, your internet connectivity should be stable to download around 123 MB of data without interruption.

2) To fix the SD Card problem
Backup all your data to your PC and format your SD Card with "Fat32" format from your PC. 
Do the format before your do the upgrade so that your phone gets a fresh Fat32 formatted card after the firmware upgrade. 

Both of this will fix most of the problems with your Samsung Galaxy S5360 problems.

Just copy pasting stuff from other threads..

SourceThis Thread [Go Thank Him]

Root Explorer(or something similar which lets you edit permissions)

Attached Files:

#0 Goto the Source mentioned above and download the attachment(and press thanks).
#1 Goto /system/bin and note down permissions for both original files.
#2 Extract the attached files and replace the original files in /system/bin.
#3 Then Copy Your to /system/media (Or use Rom Toolbox to change bootanimation)

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